“The world’s most valuable resource is its children. Our support through the arts guides them toward their infinite potential. All humanity will reap those benefits.”
— Jess Davila, Founder, Centro Artistico y Cultural de Hauchinera


Our Mission

HEART is the American partner of CACH/HEART, the non profit parent of the Huachinera Arts & Cultural Center. It is dedicated to fostering the communities within the Sierra Madre Region of north east Sonora, Mexico as they evolve from their traditional ranching/farming roots. This will be a multi cultural international destination education and performance center for Artists and Artisans. Ultimately creating a tourist’s destination which will create a sustainable economic engine for this entire region.

By combining human and financial resources on both sides of the boarder, both public & private, we will create a replicable, sustainable, cultural and economic model which can be tailored to the available resources of any community.

This program will provide the physical facilities necessary to accommodate not only performing artists, but educational and mentoring programs by established, successful artists, thus enabling the indigenous people of the region to recognize artistic and economic achievement in their native environment, thereby stabilizing the community’s population, strengthening families and preserving its rural traditions.


Keys to Success

Through the initial dedication of a handful of talented artists, a little creative marketing and promotion, the word has spread.  Consequently, outside interest and enthusiasm are building and the vision is becoming a reality.  Creating a facility that will advance art and culture to a world population, preserving the culture of this beautiful region while stimulating its economy.