“CACH/HEART”, Center Artistic Cultural Huachinera/Huachinera Enteprise for Arts and Rural Tradition” is a 501©3 organization. CACH/HEART is an internationally diverse group of artists and business people who have developed and opened a green, world class art academy in the beautiful Sierra Madre region of Northern Mexico in the state of Sonora.  The Art Academy offers a unique and meaningful arts program to those living in this region, especially the children.  In addition, it draws artists, students and visitors from around the globe opening the wonderful world of art and culture to those who want to teach, learn, perform and enjoy.  The arts provide people, especially young people, authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts and bodies.  The Village of Huachinera embraces the vision of the founders of this academy and the response has been resoundingly overwhelming.

Development has begun on a small 2000-seat amphitheater to accommodate the performing artists who will visit our center.  There is also a need for an indoor theater, as well as a Visitor’s Center and a separate storage building.  These facilities are in addition to casitas, dormitories and dining facilities to be constructed in this phase allowing the visiting artist and students to be housed on campus.  In addition, an ample parking area will complement.